• Mangaanimator2b

    Ok, so forgive me now I sound crazy placing a 18 and 1000 year old with a 13 year old (Pedo much?) but what if like an incident happens where Marceline turns 13 or PB turns 13 again? I'd personally LOVE for Marceline to turn 13 because we could see how cute she was (as seen in "memory of a memory") at that age again. Not to mention she has so much more in common with Finn. However I love Peebles too and wouldn't mind if she got with Finn either. I definetly don't want a rushed romance either. I know that in "Go with me" Marceline stated she doesn't like Finn but that was SOO last season ago (literally) and feelings change. I'm defintetly not talking about in their current state but personality wise etc. who do you think would be better for…

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