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  • Mangabros1o1

    The episodes are getting boring. The older episodes where better. They had great pacing, great writing and actual adventuring. Not to mention the animation was so much better, and it was actually funny...

    Now the episodes are losing the pacing, the writting everything. I am seriously disappointed. And there is no more dungeons ect. Most of the episodes have two stories in them and one of the stories, like the MUSIC PIT episode, didn't have anything to do with the other. And the episodes are losing the "stupid" of Adventure Time, which is what made it charming and joyous to me. 

    I love Adventure Time, don't get me wrong... but the episodes are boring... and not interesting. Like Bun Bun... wth? There is no excitement in the characters either.…

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  • Mangabros1o1


    I actually thought these two episodes were pretty good! Definately something i want to see in all the episodes!!! What a perfect beginning for Season 6!!! JUST AMAZING!!! 

    Ok so basically, its about Finn going to the citadel to rescue his father, or find his father. And then the Lich as expected, screws everything up!!!!

    Ok to begin with, i thought the animation for this episode was awesome. Even the artwork, like the Lich (naked), AND THE CITADEL GUARDIANS WHICH LOOKED AMAZING!!!! Even the citadel itself! looked awesome, too bad it was smaller than i had expected. Aniways the episode was great. At the end when finn turned super saiyan, and lost his arm left me wonderin…

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  • Mangabros1o1

    Ok so last year my cousin introduced me to Homestuck. I thought it was a stupid comic until i began reading it. So upon doing so, i realized webcomics were my thing. So i am creating a webcomic in my Deviant art, which can get me popullar on the website. but that doesn't matter. Anywho, I am recently working on Chapter 1, and i will upload each chapter 1 page at the same time, just to keep the reading from waiting. 

    The comic is about a royal knight who wakes up, only to find his castle under seige by an army of monsters. Well that is the story for chapter 1, and might continue in chapter 2. interesting enough, (like some MSPA stories) i am going to allow the reader to CONTROL the player, by a set of alternative links. complicated? well jus…

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  • Mangabros1o1

    So i just wanted to show you the Timeline sort of thing of my deviant art history. 

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  • Mangabros1o1

    More Monsters Please....

    February 17, 2014 by Mangabros1o1

         Ok so lately there haven't been any new monsters, which i find a little off from the earlier episodes. Earlier we had dragons, and all those creatures, but now we are lacking them. Well ok, we do have monsters but they are not as detailed or intimidating as before. I used to like the medieval theme to all of the monsters, but now we are having very goofy ones, such as that giant lizard from the infamous "WE FIXED THE TRUCK" episode (god that was a terrible one (/_-)...) The only monster that had any of these features was that grass monster from "The Grass Sword" episode, which was ACTUALLY a epic and amazing episode. 

         Why not add more skeleton/ revenant themed monsters, or ogres or something. Lately we have badly designed enemies …

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