Ok before you start spamming hate messages in the comments section bellow, hear me out first.

I am a huge Adveture time fan, i loved it, watched it from the beggining , to the latest episodes, I was engaged with it the first time i made contact with it. Why? Well you know why, BECAUSE ADVENTURE TIME IS FREAKING AWESOME! Unfortunately, season 5 hit the scene. Yo season 5's latests episode are horrible. For example, Play Date. I loved this episode, especially when Keoth kidnapped Jake. It was an epic ending. The episode after was crap. I expected an epic fight scene, and Keoth being a total Badbut (i don't wanna curse.), but no, he was extremely goofy, and gorky. And his jokes weren't even funny. Oh and don't even get me started with "The Box King" episode. It was one of the most terrible and utterly pointless episode in the whole show. The Box kingdom wasn't even a kingdom,and why would Pen Ward even introduce the cats when they are pointless characters. Oh and don't even mention the jokes of the episodes. "Nachos, i love Nachos" - said Finn as he was making a ridiculous face. 

The only episode the i found funny and entertaining was the episode with the slime kingdom. Please note that I am not mentioning the entire season, only the current Episodes. Most of all of them are just..well crap. Some, in fact most of these episodes seem to have little potential, and seems as if the crew just rushed it. Adventure Time is one of my top favorite cartoons, and i hope this blog will influence the Adventure Time crew If anyone is there that works in Federator Studios you need to understand this issue. 

Thanks for reading, you may now spam hate messages... :(