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Ok lately i have seen alot of episodes in which their story is lazily developed, not containing much potential, and not as entertaining as the earlier episodes. I think Pen Ward should "open the crowd" and allow us to make episode ideas, because many episodes (looking at you Apple Marriage) doesn't have ANY Adventure and barely any action. I was actually thrilled and suprized when i saw "Blade of Grass" cuz it actually contained some of the ideas and feeling of the older episodes. But the episode still lacked the earlier comedy. It was actually a great episode btw. 

Here are some of my ideas 

Episode Idea #1: "Guild Wars"

* Mee-mow releases all of the members of the Assassin's Guild out of jail and plans to kill all of the            princesses in the Land of Ooo. Should be a 2 episode special btw. 

* So far this is all ive got but i will come laters and finish the blog. (its late)

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