Here is a list of things i wanna see in season 6.

  • Decrease filler episodes: there are many Filler episodes that are really out of place for adventure time, like We fixed a truck. 

Meemow: Anyone? Anyone?

  • More adventure: The first fionna and cake episode was all about love and romance, thats alright, but when it lacks adventure thats a different show.
  • Slime monsters taking over the world. 
  • Hunson Abadeer going on a rampage.... AGAIN!
  • More fighting scenes, in the latest episodes the action episodes look so lazily done, and really short, why cant they make those 3d like action scenes like they did in the meemow episode and the first Lich episode?
  • More shocking expierience: The Pit episode was disappointing especially because we were all like OH NO JAKE IS KIDNAPPED, but most of us expected and epic fight but it didnt happen. 
  • More Flame Princess: Ok this is pretty self explanatory.
  • More 2 episode specials: i love those and i am not alone.
  • Introducing more main characters: Im pretty sure Maya the sky witch is gonna be a new main character, just watch.

Ok that is all i can come up with.