Ok if you guys saw the episode "We fixed a truck" you have to agree it has to be the crappiest, and most off-topic episode, Adventure Time has ever made. In my first blog, i enjoyed reading everybody's comments. This topic has a connection between that blog. Till this day i regretted watching that episode. Seriously what where they thinking? It went from fixing a truck, (a stupid idea) to fighting a reptilian creature (a stupider idea) to waving goodbye to a helpful person about to be arrested (no comment, i was in shock). Seriously, WHAT THE HELL??!!!! And I don't even consider any "jokes" because i didn't laugh or even grin at any of them. I was making my "what the glob" face throughout the whole episode. 

Now here are some tips i think should be encorporated, into future episodes to prevent any more traumatizing events.... *shiver* *shiver*

  • At least remind us about the good-ol-days, with the "ADVENTURE TIME" quote.
  • Add ACTUAL adventures to episodes. Im looking at you "We fixed a truck"
  • Add more comebacks. For example, Mee Mow. The episode had a mysterious ending, which im still waiting every week to see when they finally return him. The kid who came up with him, desserves a hug. Also bring back the Duke of Nuts, the Jiggler, Donny, the squirrel, the Business Man. 
  • Flame Princess...
  • Focus on the story line. Most people hate filler episodes which have absolutely nothing to do with the story. You know who I'm looking at. 
  • ZOMBIE INFECTION PART III!!! - sorry my brother told me to write that. 
  • More episode connections. This includes references to other episodes, like the episode Who Would Win, when Jake mentioned the cyclop's eye. 
  • More Post Apocalyptic Episodes
  • A WAR BETWEEN ALL OF THE KINGDOMS - Dude, shut up...
  • Funny Faces; Though many consider them wacky, back then it was one of the things that made Adventure Time what it was. Remember when Finn was afraid of the ocean and then the droplet of water whacked his face. YO I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD!!!
  • Epic Fight Scenes. I am not the only one who expected a fight scene in "The Pit" It was such a disapointing and a down-right disgrace to Adventure Time. *violently spits in the floor* The most epicest so far was the when Flame Princess destroyed the Ice Kingdom. That episode had this "real" feeling. I enjoyed every bit of it. And that was only in the beginning of the season. 

I hope you enjoyed this Topic, and understand my point. Adventure Time truly needs a leap of faith....ZOMBIES!!! - Seriously shut up.