I actually thought these two episodes were pretty good! Definately something i want to see in all the episodes!!! What a perfect beginning for Season 6!!! JUST AMAZING!!! 


Ok so basically, its about Finn going to the citadel to rescue his father, or find his father. And then the Lich as expected, screws everything up!!!!


Ok to begin with, i thought the animation for this episode was awesome. Even the artwork, like the Lich (naked), AND THE CITADEL GUARDIANS WHICH LOOKED AMAZING!!!! Even the citadel itself! looked awesome, too bad it was smaller than i had expected. Aniways the episode was great. At the end when finn turned super saiyan, and lost his arm left me wondering, and psyched for the next episode, and what would happen! The Lich looked so bad-a- ....whoops, too bad he was destroyed atb the momment..... sigh...


Ok one thing i didn't like at all, was the fact that the Lich died in this episode. When he was dying, it didn't seem very kid-friendly. It gave me the jibblies! :P. Oh and seriously he was like flipping out, almost as if they were trying to implement comedy to him. Seriously, the lich is more like a terrifying character, but when he died/ reborn, he seemed seemed like a giant dingus!

Another thing i didn't approve was the fact that the lich turned to the baby!!! Ok i know it is very logical, and obvious that he would turn to a youngster, but like, the Lich is the one of the MAIN ANTAGONIST of AT. So just getting that off my chest. Also the dad was a jerk!! and we aren't really too sure if that was his dad or not, oh not to mention, apparently he died. (Clue: WAIT WHAT ABOUT AIR?!). 

Lastly, i found it disappointing how the recently introduced the Grass Sword, and its new powers, but he lost it.. ;(.

[R.I.P Grass Sword]

Anyways, now that the Lich is gone, i wonder who will become the new threat to the Land of Ooo!