Ok i have seen many wiki members and the Adventure Time community itself, constantly suggesting for a Flame Princess Episode, and how she is doing with CB, and stuff. But do you think this episode let them down? Here's what i think.

I thought the episode was good, but it had it's flaws, and slightly stands out of the avarage filler episodes. The concept of the episode was great, but the way it was laid out, and written disapointed me alot. Especially, i didn't like the way the episode went very fast and stuff. The action in the episode was very goofy, (Im not sure if it was supposed to be like this or not), and i was like What the @#$% when i saw that ending. Im not necesarily saying it was a bad ending, but I (along with my two brothers,) always thought Cinnamin Bun was old, but for some reason he got burned and then turned young again...... sorry.... but i didn't like that.

I wonder what you think about this episode, so please comment down in the comment section to inform me.