I really wanted to see other people's opinions on this, considering this question has been haunting me for awhile.

Apparently, Adventure Time has been renewed for another season. I don't know about you guys, but i kinda feel like that Season 6 would have most likely been it. I'm not saying I want the show off the air. I would love to see plenty more seasons, it's just...

After seeing Season 6...I guess I was turned off. I mean, season 6 isn't over yet, it could turn around. But i was kind of disappointed in what i saw so far. Some episodes were poorly written to me, or unnecessary. Some felt like "Let's just air this for marketing reasons and never bring up the topic again" even. Now i'm not saying all the episodes were like this. Majority were actually quite decent. Only a few were sorta off-ish. I just didn't have the adventure time spirit in me this time.

Let's take a look at the 2011-2013 era, or to put it simply, Seasons 3,4, and 5. Those seasons of Adventure Time felt like the most popular and loved. I wasn't even in the fandom at that time, and i saw that the show was crazy fresh and exciting. But now that i joined the fandom back in June, i sorta felt like the fandom was dead. It felt like the AT spirit was gone. I mean, if the show keeps going...the main characters keep growing. A 18 year old Finn in the next few seasons? What?

So i want to you guys agree or disagree? I was wondering if i was the only one who thought this. But hopefully, season 7 will be epic and awesome!