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    I have some awesome ideas for new rules in chat. A lot of people have noticed we have a moderator by the name of SaberSworn, he has his chill moments but he can be a major pain in the ass sometimes and he really is a very strict guy when it comes to the rules.

    One of his biggest flaws is that almost every word to him is a curse word, because wikipedia tells him. Thing is, every weirdo can add stuff on wikipedia, it's often full of bullshit. Hell, he could even be adding all those "bad words" himself, right? "According to SaberSworn, the word bloody is bloody UNACCEPTABLE!!??!?". See? He could, like, add that one wikipedia and then it would be a fact. Or something.

    Whatever. I suggest we change the rules a bit. We only ban words from the chat…

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  • Marcaline

    Okay, listen up everybody! Trolling has gotten old. It's no longer cool, way to many people are doing it and half of the people trolling are so sucky at trolling they are just a bunch of fail-trolls anyway. Really need to get this off my chest.
    Lolli, you're a real funny dude, but the "(removed for CoC violation)" part and the swastika's, that sorta stuff isn't helpful if ya ask me. And Demon, you are pretty much failing right now. Please, stop being a troll. We might hurt the wiki's reputation.
    Others have said this before and I just laughed them off, but now I realise they were right all along.

    People come to this wiki for Adventure Time. Not for people trying to be badass trolls all over the place. And not for having debates about religion…

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  • Marcaline

    So, everybody. The new episode, called Hot to the Touch? Done some scooping around. It's legit, see: the video. It's the sequal to Incendium, and probably supposed to be the first episode when the new season starts.

    In this episode, the story continues where it ended with Incendium: Flame Princess gives Finn a slap, then leaves. He and Jake go after her. The entire 11-minute episode, not just a promo, leaked on YouTube. It's been online for nine hours and there are multiple copies floating around the net. So it won't be easily taken down - in fact, it will probably be impossible to take it down because new copies are being made and uploaded as we speak.

    So, yeah, it's a pretty big scoop. What do we do now? And, more importantly: how do you l…

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  • Marcaline

    I am leaving

    December 30, 2011 by Marcaline

    Having become that which I feared most, I must now leave this wiki.
    I noticed that in my recent comments, I've become a little bit... unfriendly, to say the least. Funny at the expense of others. That's not a good thing, ya know. Not zen at all.
    So I decided to take a step back, log out and take a good long break. Then I'll see what I do. But for now, consider me gone.

    Have a wonderful 2012!

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  • Marcaline

    Lesbians of Ooo (poll)

    November 20, 2011 by Marcaline

    Ever since What Was Missing, I've wondered... Are there now lesbians in the Land of Ooo? Is Marceline attracted to Princess Bubblegum, and if so: is this attraction mutual or is it just a hopeless, one-sided, unrequited love? Or maybe just a little, innocent crush?

    Another option would be, a relationship that abruptly ended after a conflict. Either a deep frienship or a romantic relationship, a long time ago.

    Anyway you look at it, it's great material for a discussion!

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