S3e26 Monster FP

She's back, check out her swag

So, everybody. The new episode, called Hot to the Touch? Done some scooping around. It's legit, see: the video. It's the sequal to Incendium, and probably supposed to be the first episode when the new season starts.

In this episode, the story continues where it ended with Incendium: Flame Princess gives Finn a slap, then leaves. He and Jake go after her. The entire 11-minute episode, not just a promo, leaked on YouTube. It's been online for nine hours and there are multiple copies floating around the net. So it won't be easily taken down - in fact, it will probably be impossible to take it down because new copies are being made and uploaded as we speak.

So, yeah, it's a pretty big scoop. What do we do now? And, more importantly: how do you like the new episode? :P

For the shippers among us:

Your take on Finn & FP getting together?

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