I have some awesome ideas for new rules in chat. A lot of people have noticed we have a moderator by the name of SaberSworn, he has his chill moments but he can be a major pain in the ass sometimes and he really is a very strict guy when it comes to the rules.

One of his biggest flaws is that almost every word to him is a curse word, because wikipedia tells him. Thing is, every weirdo can add stuff on wikipedia, it's often full of bullshit. Hell, he could even be adding all those "bad words" himself, right? "According to SaberSworn, the word bloody is bloody UNACCEPTABLE!!??!?". See? He could, like, add that one wikipedia and then it would be a fact. Or something.

Whatever. I suggest we change the rules a bit. We only ban words from the chat that are normally censored on television. Not the once that can be said out load without the "bleeping noise". Just, loosen up a little, and not banning people for saying words that really aren't offensive to anyone but Saber and a few nerds on wikipedia. It not only makes no sense, it is unfair and sorta taking the fun away of being in chat if you always have to be careful what to say or what not to say because half of the words could be seen as curse words. If we'd bleep out all words Saber hates on television, all shows would be nothing but one big bleep.

Another thing is the maximum number of mods. There's like this rule, that makes absolutely no sense at all, and that rules says you have a maximum ammount of mods. I say we get rid of that rule so we can have as many mods as there are people fit for the job. Having more then one mod in chat is a good thing because if there's only one, he can basically do whatever the hell he feels like doing. If there is another one, there is some more control. Keeps the ego's in check and whatnot.

So, I suggest:

  • We get rid of the "maximum number of mods" because it's a pointless and illogical rule (even Saber will agree, aswell as our logic queen so can't go wrong there)
  • We loosen up the rules a bit when it comes to "bad words" in chat and not outlaw a million different words, some of whom are pretty harmless... like the word, badass. Pretty normal word, not offensive to anyone, yet it almost got me banned for 1000 years. Or the word "bloody", which can be used to sound British.
Marcaline's new rules suggestion:

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Hope y'all think my sugegstions are highly ACCEPTPABLEEEEEE!!!!!!