Okay, listen up everybody! Trolling has gotten old. It's no longer cool, way to many people are doing it and half of the people trolling are so sucky at trolling they are just a bunch of fail-trolls anyway. Really need to get this off my chest.
Lolli, you're a real funny dude, but the "(removed for CoC violation)" part and the swastika's, that sorta stuff isn't helpful if ya ask me. And Demon, you are pretty much failing right now. Please, stop being a troll. We might hurt the wiki's reputation.
Others have said this before and I just laughed them off, but now I realise they were right all along.

People come to this wiki for Adventure Time. Not for people trying to be badass trolls all over the place. And not for having debates about religion, politics, personal beliefs, or sad stories from their personal life. Also, not for page after page after page of whining, and crying about how the mods suck and how the chat is evil. Nobody wants that.

Oh and while I am calling people out here, overly fanatical shippers like FinnXMarcy and Invictus aren't helpful either. They are really failing all over the place, more then anyone else. And in all fairness: I started a lot of the drama with the picture-deletion riot and by coining the "troll king" thing. So I'm definetely not all that awesome either, I am\have been part of the problem. Let's all get together, discuss this stuff, keep it in one place, and make everything awesome again. Let's get our shit together, like a boss!

More having a good time, less bitching! It's easy.

So, trolls...

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