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  • Marceline150

    Alright so I'm not sure about this, but Princess Potluck and BMO Noire are very much alike... And I think the Adventure Time press might be running out of genius ideas. In Princess Potluck, in the beginning Finn is complaining of a shoe rash, and Jake has on his spiral makeup and long eye-lashes. In the end of Princess Potluck, Finn is seen carrying a Sea Lard and Jakes spiral makeup is smudged. It is exactly like that in the beginning and end of BMO noire.... Weird. Anyone can comment! -Tabby (please be nice)

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  • Marceline150


    September 28, 2013 by Marceline150

    I LOVE Seed-Wad!! He is so funny and I have been laughing at his name ALL day! Haha! Comment all about this little guy! Yay Seed-Wad! Don't try to like him more than me, because you never will 😝

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  • Marceline150

    So, Prince prince prince is the gender swapped version of princess princess princess right? Well usually the gender swapped version of the person is usually just the male version, but prince prince prince is different. He is male but he he TOTALLY swapped. Princess princess princess has one monster head and the other four are normal heads but Prince Prince Prince had one normal head and four monster heads! Weird right! It's gender swapped but also completely swapped! Comment! -Tabby

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  • Marceline150

    This has been on my mind for a while and I thought I might share it with you guys. I have no idea why they would make Cotton Candy Princess in the first place. First of all, she is only in one episode, second of all, she doesn't look right, she she looks like she was just thrown together, third of all, according to this website on the "Candy People" page, it says that Cotton Candy Princess in a citizen of the Candy Kingdom, but how? Princess Bubblegum is already the ruler, there can't be two princess in one kingdom! Anyway, she is basically just like Princess Bubblegum: She is stolen by a bad guy (for PB it's the Ice king) (for Cotton Candy Princess it's the Fire Count)and they both have candy hair, then when a hero saves them they give th…

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  • Marceline150

    Orange Princess talk :D

    September 23, 2013 by Marceline150

    Ok, so I really like Orange Princess! I think she is cool and I love her outfit and I always think it's cool to see her! She has only been in 3 episodes and she has never spoken! Personally I would LOVE to hear her speak, right guys? What do you think? Comment and tell me your favorite princess and also tell me if you think Orange Princess should speak! If 10 people comment and say yes, then I will email the Adventure time fan email and I will ask if there can be an episode were Orange Princess speaks. Thanks! -Tabby

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