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    First Post

    June 7, 2014 by Marceline2014

    Hiiii! This is my first blog post on the wiki, so no haters. :) 

    Soooo, im an AT freak, and i am OVER obsessed. :) Ive been a "Scientist" persay, for the past few days, and ive been doing my "AT homework". I have a few theories to tell you guys today (if anyone is even reading this). 

    Soooooooooooo, I have a theory on PB's past, so here it is.

    PB was the daughter of a really smart scientist, and when he knew the nuke (Mushroom bomb ) was going to drop, he injected gum and other candy concentrate into her. (There is a theory that Candy can survive a nuke)

    When the nuke dropped, she lived, but exploded. She was the pink goo we saw in "Simon and Marcy". 

    After a LONG time, the goo dried and formed her candy body that she has today.

    The End!

    Thanks f…

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