Marceline Vampire Queen

aka Bob Ross

  • I live in A house
  • I was born on September 7
  • My occupation is A Beatle
  • I am going to make a happy little tree shape!
  • Marceline Vampire Queen

    You know all those groups... crimson shadows, KCS, AKCS, "RESISTANCE" and all that shit? WELL DIS IZ DA RAINBOW POWER! YOU HAVE TO LOVE RAINBOWS TO JOIN!!!

    Lollipop king - Co-President

    Marceline Vampire Queen - Co-President

    Rainbowdinosaur123 - Co-President

    If you are a troll, GOOD! But if you are a stupid vandal.. (in the wise words of LSP) GET THE LUMP OUT OF HERE!!!!

    Note: You May only troll if it is funny (which is like most trolling so...ok)

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  • Marceline Vampire Queen

    Well, we all know what people's MOST favorite characters are (though this site has been mostly fan wars and group shit)... but who do you hate and why?

    1. ANY GENDER SWAPPED CHARACTER. Certain people make sick, cruel fanfictions about Finn and Jake meeting Fionna and Cake. THEY WERE A FIGMENT OF ICE KING'S IMAGINATION GODDAMMIT!!
    2. Me mow. She's alright, but... I found her sorta annoying.
    3. PB. Now, I DO like her, but she's a bit too nice for my liking...

    Ok... let the fan wars begin!

    (Meaning you be all like "OMG WHY YOU NO LIKE FLAME PRINCESS?? I LUB HER")

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  • Marceline Vampire Queen

    I'm currently laughing because

    • Jake's face right THAR ----------------->
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  • Marceline Vampire Queen

    Oh grod, I'm so bored.

    So tell me, what are your favorite AT quotes??

    Some of mine are....

    • "Well this ant's about to get in his pants!'" - Finn
    • "Biiiigg Livuuh, biig liverr yeah!" - Jake
    • ​"Hey Finn, thinking about how that bow tie sorta looked like a bra?" - Marceline
    • '"What the CABBAGE?!'"- Princess Bubblegum
    • "Finn, and Jake, will you give me your blessing so I can marry Princess Bubblegum?" - Ice King
    • "Mah, BEAAAANNS!" - LSP

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  • Marceline Vampire Queen

    Hi everyone so yeah, this is my axe bass!


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