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Well, we all know what people's MOST favorite characters are (though this site has been mostly fan wars and group shit)... but who do you hate and why?

A Short List of Characters I Hate. (By order of hate... 1 = hate most)

  1. ANY GENDER SWAPPED CHARACTER. Certain people make sick, cruel fanfictions about Finn and Jake meeting Fionna and Cake. THEY WERE A FIGMENT OF ICE KING'S IMAGINATION GODDAMMIT!!
  2. Me mow. She's alright, but... I found her sorta annoying.
  3. PB. Now, I DO like her, but she's a bit too nice for my liking...

Ok... let the fan wars begin!

(Meaning you be all like "OMG WHY YOU NO LIKE FLAME PRINCESS?? I LUB HER")

It's Like A Poor People's Castle00:20

It's Like A Poor People's Castle

   Just press play. I love LSP! --------------------------->