• Marceline bubblegum


    June 9, 2012 by Marceline bubblegum

    marceline is the vampire queen,at least thats what she said on the episode evicted,she is a little upset with her dad because of the fry incident,were her father eats her fries and is seen by finn and jake on the episode memory of a memory.marceline is like a thousand years old but her appearance is like a teenager.marceline lives in a pink house inside a a true vampire she cannot see her reflection on the mirror,she floats,sunlight hurts her,and umm but this last one is a vampire thing but a not vampire thing too she sometimes drinks blood as seen in the episode henchman, but she mostly drinks shades of red,jake is the one most terrified of vampires, princess bubblegum is her friendenemy.well i think thats all i can thinks of hm…

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