Have you ever been bullied?Did that bully curse you out,punched you,or kick you?Bullies like it when you cry.They soak in the pleasure like a couple of sponges.It makes them powerful.The day is over and you go on the computer.You go on a chat.Then.Bulling just got worse.You've been cyber bullied.By someone you probably never even met.You cry yourself to sleep.The world is coming to an end.Some kids are bullied so much they kill themselves.I almost killed myself when this happened to me.Think of all the suffering and pain all of us go through.Everyday.We must stop bulling now.It is selfish and wrong and horrible.Stop bulling.Stand up for yourself.Tell someone.Be careful.Bullies will kill you for pleasure.They will do whatever it takes.

Demi Lovato Stomp Out Bullying commercial00:30

Demi Lovato Stomp Out Bullying commercial

Stomp Out Bullying - JoJo00:31

Stomp Out Bullying - JoJo

Stop bulling05:28

Stop bulling



Bullying is wrong!04:34

Bullying is wrong!

Two school girls forcing their friend to suicide00:27

Two school girls forcing their friend to suicide

All these people are agaist bulling.Some are saying what the cause of bulling is.It always leads to death.Stomp out bulling.Now!