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Banned From Chat
  • I live in SW Florida
  • I was born on October 30
  • My occupation is I hope to become an Orthodonist some day but my dream job is to work at the Dallas creation reasearch center and study dinosaurs.
  • I am Female
  • Marcyrulesforever

    I know I haven't been on much and most people have probably forgotten me, but I'll make this blog anyway.

    I am home schooled and contrary to the popular belief my schoolwork is very hard. I also do a lot of extra stuff so I'm very busy. With all of that I just don't have time for this. It might be different if I made a lot of friends here but some people were kinda mean to me.

    I will still be on Gravity Falls wiki because everyone there is much nicer and I have lots of fun there.

    Goodbye and good luck!

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  • Marcyrulesforever

    Finn and Princess Bubblegum won't be together. PB doesn't like Finn. She can't love. Finn likes Flame Princess. she awsome.


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  • Marcyrulesforever

    I need YOUR HELP! There is a wiki called advenure time fantesay wiki. you can find it by looking up user princess bubblegum, she founded the wiki. IT IS IN TROUBLE AND IT NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!!

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  • Marcyrulesforever

    Hey!!! Sorry if there is another blog about this. I didn't have time to check. I saw a blog like this on the Gravity Falls Wiki and realised that AT and GF are competeing!! Vote now to make sure that Adventure Time wins!!!

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  • Marcyrulesforever


    May 2, 2013 by Marcyrulesforever

    HEYYYYYY!!! Before I begin treading on thin ice, I would just like to set down some rules.

    If you are going to call me mean names, don't comment. Second of all, I'm not going to offend anyone, so don't act like I am. Third this blog is not anti gay and niether am I.

    OK! So if anyone has gone to Princess Bubblegum or Marceline's gallery, you've seen Natasha Allegri's Bubbleine artwork. This was likely made for ideas for What Was Missing, my favorite episode next to I Remember You and Fionna and Cake. Marceline and PB were probably going to be lesbo in that episode but I THINK that the idea was shot down.

    Most people on this wiki fully understand what gayness is, but the majority of AT's viewers are little kids. And most little kids don't even …

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