Hey everyone! There is a new episode called All the Little People, and I think it really makes Adventure time a more mature show.

Before you read the rest of this blog post, go to YouTube and look up Adventure time All the Little People if you haven't allready seen it. It is eleven minutes long and was posted by ImJesseWhatsGood.

Did you see it? Good episode, right? Well it goes deeper than you think.

In Season One, Season Two and part of Season Three, Finn expresses disgust tord anykind of romance. But in this episode, he freely talks about dating and romance with Jake, even going as far to say that BMO and Ice King would make a cute couple. ( Though BMO is tecnically genderless. Please post you thoughts on this.)

Finn also experiments with relationships using the minis. He puts together relationships with mini Marceline and mini Peppermint Butler, mini Turtle Princess and mini Xergiok, and a love triangle between mini Lollipop Girl, mini Choose Goose and mini Abracadaniel.

He also makes his mini self kiss with Flame Princess, showing how mutch he loves her. But he still seems to have some affection for Princess Bubblegum, because he made his mini self kiss her. Flame Princess attacks PB when she sees them doing this, suggesting what would happen if PB and FP would do if they were put together. All of this makes Finn blush.

So what do YOU think? post a comment!!! Gotta run!