HEYYYYYY!!! Before I begin treading on thin ice, I would just like to set down some rules.

If you are going to call me mean names, don't comment. Second of all, I'm not going to offend anyone, so don't act like I am. Third this blog is not anti gay and niether am I.

OK! So if anyone has gone to Princess Bubblegum or Marceline's gallery, you've seen Natasha Allegri's Bubbleine artwork. This was likely made for ideas for What Was Missing, my favorite episode next to I Remember You and Fionna and Cake. Marceline and PB were probably going to be lesbo in that episode but I THINK that the idea was shot down.

Most people on this wiki fully understand what gayness is, but the majority of AT's viewers are little kids. And most little kids don't even know what it means to be gay. They just think it's a "dirty word". I think they would be very confused to see Marcy and Bubblegum in a relationship.

Well, that's it! Plz consider my points and keep an open mind. If you have any lagit theoryies agaist my ideas speak right up! I'm open to all ideas.

And don't be
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like that guy and say rude thing plz, thanks!