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  • MarshallLover69

    It seems most users here have failed to see my sarcasm. I'm actually Doomsdaynger. I made a fake account to make fun of some past users, specifically Shiromaru because of their hilariously awful grammar, spelling, and ideas. I even got myself purposefully kicked from chat so I could make my "I M Leeving Furever" blog and say they kicked me for "NO RAISIN!" Some people understood the joke but others may need to rethink their sense of humor. I am sorry for disobeying the rules simply for the sake of a joke but I'm gonna go back to my regular account now so it won't happen again.

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  • MarshallLover69

    So Liek Furst I Made Dis Blog Bout Dis Osum Carekter Dat I Toatalee Made Up Mahself N Evrywon Wuz So Meen An Then I Went On Chat An Gott Kiked Fur NO RAISIN! Im Leeving Furever An Aneewon Hoo Agries Comment

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  • MarshallLover69

    So Baseickly, He Loks Jist Liek Marshil Lee Butt He Iz A Humin And Allso He Iz In Luv Withe Marseleen And Flam Prinses And Bubelgum Prinses And Fiona Cuz In Da Eppisoed Dat He Iz Intridoosed In It Turnz Out Dat Fiona Iz Real And She Iz In luv Withe Dis Gy Hoos Name Is Jon Bye Tha Wae And Thae Mek Out And All Da Gurls Fite Over Him And Itd B So Ohrijinel And Pen Word Iz So Gunna Add Him Cuz Dis Isint Just An Idea Itz A Hypothisis Dat Pen Iz Gunna Add Him Cuz Hez Sutch A Kewl Carekter K By

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