Adventure Time halloween special "The Creeps"


Hey guys! Just saw the new episode for Adventure Time "The Creeps", and I really enjoyed it. There are many things mentioned about the preview of the episode before it came out like why Finn appears taller, which was resolved by stating he could have been wearing different shoes which made him look taller. There are also some other things I want to talk about today. First off is Lumpy space princess's relationship with Brad, Lumpy space princess talks about how she broke up with Brad. From what I could understand is that she did not like it when he was kissing her, and she still has feelings for him. There is also the actual ghost that Finn saw, even though Jake tricked him it was originally Finn's plan to trick Jake no one was responsible for the ghost's appearence. When Finn asked Jake about it he told him he was probably so scared that he imagined that, but Finn said he wasn't imagining that; so the house was kinda haunted. It is also revealed that Lady Rainicorn can let things go through or merge with her body. The snail also makes a appearence at the the stairs that are in the middle of the entrance room. There are many things which I have not mentioned in this blog post, but Im sure that all of you know the many other things that were in the episode. This was just a quick post and I will post more things regarding this episode as I collect more info.