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Theatrical Sneak Peak

Honestly, this may be too late to post, but Cartoon Network is sneak peeking anAdventure Time episode in an actual movie theater this week in order to qualify it for an Academy Award. For real. Basically, there’s an upcoming episode storyboarded by the incomparable Tom Herpich, “Thank You,” which the Powers That Be deemed Oscar-worthy. And while most of you are all, “ALL ADVENTURE TIME EPISODES ARE OSCAR-WORTHY, MEATHEAD,” this one is decidedly different. So if you’re in the Burbank area Wednesday and/or Thursday and want to a glimpse of a future episode on the big screen, the showtimes at the AMC 16 Burbank those days are 11:20 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. The bad news is you will be required to pay full admission price; the good news is that cost does include admission to Dolphin Tale starring Harry Connick, Jr. And for you sad sacks who can’t make it, Cartoon Network will air “Thank You” in a slightly altered, longer form later this year.