"Youtube problems and fan fueled things"

Yes, this is something that for me has just gone to far when people first saw the episode "What was missing", a bunch of people started wanting and supporting a lesbian relationship between Marceline and PB. This I think was later fueled by Mathematical releasing it's usual episode recap video, which then triggered thousands and thousands of comments on the video of fan fiction and support for Marceline and PB's relationship. It was not Mathematical's fault more the people or "fans" fault, because many people in my opinion overreacted. I have also written some other blog posts about things regarding this unnecessary outburst. Also what fueled people more were Natasha's own drawings that were featured in the video, you could clearly see what drove people to this extent even more. I am not sure why Natasha drew those in the first place but I can't just tell her to stop drawing. She is one of my favorite staff members for adventure time.
Bonnibel and Marceline - Embrace - by Natasha
Bonnibel and Marceline - Rasberry - by Natasha