Marshall lees bloody fangs

aka gage

  • I live in tx
  • I was born on July 30
  • I am male -.-
  • Marshall lees bloody fangs

    FINN: weenie who cant deal with his problems

    FIONNA: radical dame who knows how to kill and slay a monster

    JAKE: stretchy dog whos finns best friend ( dont know why ) and dating lady rainicorn and scared of vampires

    CAKE: stretchy cat whos fionnas best friend and dating lord monicronicorn and scared of vampires

    MARCELINE: rocking ( slight emo or goth ) vampire whos aperance is about 16, 17 or 18 buts accually 1000 years old and drinks the color red

    MARSHALL LEE ( ME ): rocking ( slight emo or goth ) vampire whos aperance is about 16, 17, or 18 buts accually 100 years old and drinks the color red

    ICE KING: old grumpy man whos only wish is to find the best wife and does so by capturing princes all over ooo and has ice powers

    ICE QUEEN: oold grumpy …

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  • Marshall lees bloody fangs

    animal by: miike snow

    i changs shapes just to hide in this place,

    but im still, im still an animl

    night drive by: aar

    take me, brake mee,

    every mile gurther theres a part of me tht slips away,

    on day, youll see,

    even if i got down on my knees you wouldnt hear me say,

    driveall night,

    your never gonna get me,

    night by night to get away from it all,

    fight, fight, fight, all you wanna do is hurt me,

    you wrecked my life,

    so im gonna hav to drive all night

    scars by: papa roach

    i tear my heart open,

    i sew myself shut,

    my weekness is, that i care to much,

    these scars remiond me,

    the past is rel,

    i tear my heart open,

    just to feel

    your gonna go far kid by:the offsprings

    now dance, fucker dance,

    man he never had a chance,

    and no one even, knew it was really only you,

    and no…

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  • Marshall lees bloody fangs


    March 28, 2012 by Marshall lees bloody fangs

    look, this is me so maybe now ull know me better and respect me......................maybe -_-

    fav color:black

    fav famous person: tim burton

    fav book: the hunger games and the percy jackson series

    fav animal: idk, it between a dog and a bat

    fav show: r.l. stines the haunting hour

    fav movie: the hunger games

    fav food: fettucini alfredo

    fav drink: rootbeer

    fav music: heavy metal and

    fav band: 3days grace, all american rejects, papa roach, and linkin park

    fav thing to do: act

    fav cartoon charecter: marshall lee

    what i wanna be when i grow up: actor

    please rply on if ud be my friend!

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  • Marshall lees bloody fangs
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