animal by: miike snow

i changs shapes just to hide in this place,

but im still, im still an animl

night drive by: aar

take me, brake mee,

every mile gurther theres a part of me tht slips away,

on day, youll see,

even if i got down on my knees you wouldnt hear me say,

driveall night,

your never gonna get me,

night by night to get away from it all,

fight, fight, fight, all you wanna do is hurt me,

you wrecked my life,

so im gonna hav to drive all night

scars by: papa roach

i tear my heart open,

i sew myself shut,

my weekness is, that i care to much,

these scars remiond me,

the past is rel,

i tear my heart open,

just to feel

your gonna go far kid by:the offsprings

now dance, fucker dance,

man he never had a chance,

and no one even, knew it was really only you,

and now you steal away,

take him out today,

nice work you did,

your gonna go far,kid,

with a thousnad lies and a good desguise,

hit em right between the eyes,

right between the eyes,

when you walk away,

nothing more to say,

see the lightening in your eyes,

see em runnin for there lives