Heads up, Adventure Time fans! To celebrate the recent release of The Complete Third Season on Blu-ray we're launching a giveaway where you'll get the chance to snag a free copy!

So how do you get your hands on the goods? You have two options!

First, you can enter Cartoon Network's BMO challenge! Here are the details:

Cartoon Network wants your help in finding out whose BMO is the most adventurous! Snap a photo of BMO giving your dog a hug, updating his Facebook status, playing Adventure Time Card Wars, or helping Finn and Jake defeat Magic Man. Then post it to Facebook with the hashtag #ShowUsBMO and on Friday, March 7th, Cartoon Network will share its favorite B-MOment on its Facebook page ( with a special shoutout by Niki Yang, the voice of BMO! Just make sure you post your pictures between February 24th and March 4th.


Additionally, Wikia will be giving away three copies of the Blu-ray! All you have to do is provide a caption for the below picture in the comments:

S2e23 Directors FnJ with BeemoCam

THE CONTEST HAS ENDED! Congratulations to our winners:

Thanks for participating!

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