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  • Mega rad cool girl

    Honestly I thought finn would.

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  • Mega rad cool girl

    I am actually considering leaving this wiki because I feel like a lot of people hate me and just won't accept some of my ideas or opinions.

    I am 100% serious.

    Don't feel like it is directed at anyone in specific. Because it is not anyones fault. I just feel like I am not fitting in very well.

    And don't think I'm a very emotional little girl who can't get over her feelings because that is not me. That's not me at all.

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  • Mega rad cool girl

    New Concept

    April 29, 2013 by Mega rad cool girl

    I'm gonna ship what I ship and no one can tell me or force me not to.

    I'm not asking that you agree with my ship or even like it, but I am asking that you not insult it. I ask that you keep you negative ship coments to yourself and not try to change my mind... cuz it ain't gonna work. Only I can change my mind. And only you can change yours.

    Also, I will keep MY negative comments on ships to myself and I will not insult your ship if I disagree with it. Imma do my own thing, you a-do your own thing.

    I think if we all just kept the nasty and hurtful comments in our own mind or maybe even just FORGOT about hating it so much and just accepting that other people ship the certain ship the world might be a better place. There is no point in posting …

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  • Mega rad cool girl

    What if Flame Princess and Finn got married? Would it startle you? Would it upset you? Would it excite you? would it make you say 'FINALLY!' ? What if Finn and Princess Bubblegum got married in the future? Would it make you cry? Would it make you want to kill the princess? Would it make you happy? Please say your opinions and tell me what you think. You can also say which is more likely to happen (though I think I already know what most of the answers will be to that... ). Have Fun!

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  • Mega rad cool girl

    Finn's name

    April 7, 2013 by Mega rad cool girl

    How was Finn named? Did Jake's parents name him Finn? If that is true... how come his name is still Finn in Farmworld? Did Finn's real parents name him? It THAT is true... how did he grow up knowing his name? He was abandoned in the woods as a baby when he probably shouldn't have known his name, so how did Jake's parents know what to call him? This is a mystery that can only be solved with disscusion. Please write your theorys in comments below.

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