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I totally get that everyone is doing a drawing request blog and that you probably won't visit this one but I wanted one anyway. I will draw anything Adventure Time related that I can for you. It must be AT related or Bravest Warriors will also work. I must know exactly what to draw so you have to be very specific. I can draw other people how they would look as an AT character too. It cannot be inappropriate or any kind of ship that I do not ship. I'm sorry if I do not get the drawings to you right away, but they may take a while to draw out and color (if you want color). I am also sorry I have so many restictions as to what I can draw but I can't simply draw everything an I'm sorry if I can't draw what you want. If you need an example on how specific you need to be, here is one:

This is for my art work right over there>
  • Slime Princess humanoid form
  • colored
  • cursive name on drawing to the side
  • green dress with white lace on sleaves and waist
  • short sleaves
  • shoulder length hair with bangs like PB
  • same crown
  • one hand on hip and standing

If you want someone else to draw for you that's completely fine and I understand. I just wanted to have my own drawing request blog and I would be happy to draw for you. I will post your art in your talk page when I am done. I hope you like my art. :)

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