This is a Fan Fiction I made. WARNING: This is not Bubbline so, sorry Bubbline fans but I just didn't make this that way. I hope y'all enjoy it!


Princess Bubblegum spills the beans about why she hates Marceline so much and they become friends.


The episode opens at Marceline's house where Finn, Marceline, and Jake are making a song together. Finn is playing on a baloon, Jake on his Viola, and Marcy on her Axe Bass while she is singing. The song is just about over.

Marcy: And that's why you never multitask while you're getting dressed.

The song is over and everyone stops playing.

Marcy: Pretty good guys. Thanks for letting me rescedule. After that whole closet incident we never really got to make up that jam session.

Finn: Yeah. (blushes) Well it's getting late. We'd better go home.

Jake: (Yawn) Yeah.

Marcy: Ok. Seeya guys later.

Finn and Jake leave. As they are leaving Finn turns back around to ask Marceline a question.

Finn: Hey Marcy, I've been meaning to ask this for a while... uh, why do you and Bubblegum fight so much?

Marcy: Uh... (blushes) It's complicated.

Finn: Oh, ok. I didn't wanna get sucked into your lady biz. Well, bye.

Marcy: (still blushing) Bye.

Finn leaves for real this time and closes the door behing him. Marceline sighs.

Marcy: Why DO we fight so much? Hm.

Marceline looks over at her phone. She picks it up and dials a number. It rings twice. There is an answer.

PB: Hello, this is Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum... Hello... Hello?

Marceline hangs up. Marceline goes in a closet and pulls out a box with the word 'Memories' written on it. She opens it up and pulls out a book titled 'Journal No. 6 By: Marceline' and turns to a random page. She reads:

'Then Bonnibel said to me,"You're a queen right? Then where is your crown? I have a crown. You're not nearly as much a a queen as you should be. You can barely call yourself one! You're just not regal enough!" '

After reading this Marceline closes the journal and throws it back in the box. She is really mad. She speaks through clenched teeth.

Marcy: Not regal enough, huh? Well show you who's regal!

The scene changes to the Candy Kingdom. PB is in her pajamas writing down notes and working at her desk in her bedroom. She is whispering things to herself. Some one knocks at the door.

PB: (doesn't look up) Come in!

Marcy burst through the door wearing a dress and looking furious. This gets Peebles's attention.

PB: What the-

Marcy: Is this regal enough for you? Huh? IS IT?!

PB: Marceline-

Marcy pins PB to the ground which surprizes her.

Marcy: TELL ME!!!

PB: It's... uh...

Marcy's voice cracks as her eyes begin to fill with tears.

Marcy: Why do you hate me so much?

PB: I-

Marcy: (crying) WHY!?

PB: If you get off of me, I'll tell you.

Marcy: Oh...(sniff) ok.

Marcy gets off of PB and they both stand up.

PB: I haven't told anybody this, but I guess the secret has to come out some time. I don't want you telling anybody about this though, do you understand?!

Marcy: Yeah.

PB: It all started when I was a little girl...

PB starts singing.

Every night I would open up my window

An I would wait and listen to the wind blow

(Marceline becomes confused as this seems to have no relation to their previous conversation and doesn't answer her question)

Then he would come, and he made a promise though

Every night at ten

I would here him comin'

He reminded me of you, the way he laughed, the way he smiled

(Marcy blushes but is still confused)

He even looked like you, isn't that wild? One time he didn't come and I was getting worried

That night it was my birthday when I was turning fourteen

I didn't see him and another year passed

I was getting really angry fast

He never came again

That's enough of him!

And I guess I took my anger out on you

(PB stops singing)

I'm sorry.

Marcy: Is all that true?

PB: Yeah. Even the stuff about him looking like you. Marceline: Wow...(blushes)uh... I wish I coulda known that sooner.

PB: Sorry, I was being a real patoot and I didn't want anyone to know why...(also blushes)

Marcy: I was being kinda nasty too. (still blushing)

PB: Well now that that's all over do you want to start over, maybe be friends?

Marcy: Sure. (smiles)

There is an awkward scilence. They are both still blushing.

PB: Um... Well... I,uh... I better get some sleep-

Marcy: Yeah, me too... Bye.

PB: Bye.

Marcy leaves.

Scene changes to the next evening at the front door of the Candy Castle. Marceline comes up to the door with a bag and rings the door bell (or knocks, you decide! :) ). PB opens the door.

PB: Greetings Marceline. I see you got my invitation.

Marcy: Yup.

PB: Come on in.

They both go up to PB's bedroom. Marcy puts her bag on the floor and opens it up.

Marcy: Nice idea of yours having a slumber party.

PB: I thought it would be a good thing to do as friends.

Marcy: Yeah.

Marcy is unpacking a sleeping bag and rolling it out on the floor.

PB: I'll get my sleeping bag too.

Marcy: But your bed is right there. (points to bed)

PB: I'd rather sleep on the floor. It'll feel more like a slumber party, ya know?

Marcy: Ok, whatever.

PB gets a sleeping bag and rolls it out on the floor too.

They are having a great time at the slumber party.

Marcy: You know that guy you were singing about yesterday?

PB: Yeah?

Marcy: Do you know his name?

PB: ...No, actually, I don't. I always just called him Sprinkles.

Marcy: Pff! Why? (laughing)

PB: (also laughing) I don't know! I was, like, 12 when this all happened!

Marcy: Haha ok.

PB looks at the clock.

PB: Oh my gosh! Look at the time! We'd better get some sleep.

Marcy: Yeah, ok.

They both get ready for bed and get in their sleeping bags. PB turns out the light and they both go to sleep. After PB is fast asleep Marcy opens her eyes, stops fake snoring, and gets up out of her sleeping bag. She sneaks out of the Candy Castls and then out of the Candy Kingdom. She goes to her own house. Once there she starts frantically looking through some more boxes in her closet. She doesn't find what she's looking for. She goes down into her basement into her storage area/room. She then starts searching there too. She finds a mirror behind some boxes and takes it upstairs to her living room. She takes the cloth off the mirror and it says 'Vampire Mirror' on the frame right above the glass part. Marcy can see her own reflection in it as she props it up against the wall.

Marcy: Wow, my hair is a mess!

Marcy straightens her hair.

Marcy: That's better. Now for what I was REALLY going to do with this.

Marceline begins to chant a spell.

Marcy: Mirror,

I see my reflection show,

But I must see my reflection grow!

(the mirror begins to glow and smoke spreads across the floor)

Grow into a living being

Walking, breathing, with eyes for seeing

With hair as black as night in dreaming

With skin so pale it's hard believing!

(the smoke starts swirling on the floor)

I want to see my copy, my opposite, my self

I want him to grow from dust and rain, and come at modest health!

The camera zooms out so that it is just a veiw of Marcelines house. There is a glow coming from the windows.

Marceline: Mwahahahahahahahaha!

The scene changes back to the Candy Kingdom in PB's bedroom. There is a tap on her window. She hears this and wakes up. PB looks over at Marceline's sleeping bag and see's that it's empty.

PB: Marceline, is that you?

No response. There is another tap at the window.

PB: Marcy, why are you out there? The front door is open.

Still no response. A tune starts to play. It sounds like it is coming from a guitar of some sort.

PB: Marceline, if you're trying to cheer me up about what I told you yesterday, it's not working!

No resonse. The tune keeps playing.

PB begins crying a little. She goes up to the window.

PB: Marceline, I told you to stop messing with my- (opens window) (GASP!!!) When- How did you- Whaaaaa?!

Voice: Some chick named Marceline sent me here. You miss me?

PB smiles really wide and her eyes are huge and sparkly and welling up with tears of joy. She nods her head.

PB: Yes!


Character Designs/Art


"Window Visitor"