I'm gonna ship what I ship and no one can tell me or force me not to.

I'm not asking that you agree with my ship or even like it, but I am asking that you not insult it. I ask that you keep you negative ship coments to yourself and not try to change my mind... cuz it ain't gonna work. Only I can change my mind. And only you can change yours.

Also, I will keep MY negative comments on ships to myself and I will not insult your ship if I disagree with it. Imma do my own thing, you a-do your own thing.

I think if we all just kept the nasty and hurtful comments in our own mind or maybe even just FORGOT about hating it so much and just accepting that other people ship the certain ship the world might be a better place. There is no point in posting mean and hurtful comments about anyone's ship. It won't get you anywhere. Just ignore it! You don't have to like the ship... but you don't have to be mean about it.

P.S. I am mostly talking about Fubblegum and Fiolee here when I say my ships.

But I also ship shipping ships shipping ship shipping shipping ships.

'Nuff said.