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  • Meganunan

    Season 4 thoughts....

    October 23, 2012 by Meganunan

    WOW ... its been a wild ride ride..

    • Finn is in love with Flame princess.
    • Tree trunks and Mr.pig love
    • Finn and Jake banished from the nigtosphere.
    • the Bear is helping the lich to get the enchiridion.
    • Ice King gets a wife from princess body parts.
    • the inside look in the spirit world.
    • the apprance of goliad and storm-O finn son (sort of)
    • abraham lincoln sacrifice his immortallity to rescue jake from the 50th dead world.
    • PB jealously of FP but she only expalaining that FP is dangerous when in love.
    • Beemo is some sort of a detective.
    • the king worm.
    • Lady Rainicorn being PREGNANT ?!
    • Another Lemongrab.
    • Finn and Jake quarrel
    • Gunther almost take over the world.
    • Marcy and Ice king father-daugther bonding like relationship.
    • th…
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  • Meganunan


    It's that time again for another CN event. It's called CN Hallowen Heroes Haunt. A halloween CN event of this year.Also it's one of those CN events that has mixed shows. There will be The Amazing World of Gumball,Regular show,another ben 10 (boy why do they even make another sequel of that) and also the most AWESOME SHOW Adventure Time.This CN event was announced at September 9, 2012, and it will occur this October 27, 2012, Saturday, at SM Megamall Event Center.

    Yeah same as always, CN events with condition. Almost all of CN halloween events has this. To get a ticket, you must spend at least P500 at Toy Kingdom or Toy Kingdom Express with a halloween item or a CN item from September 29, 2012 to October 27, 2012. Buyi…

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  • Meganunan

    OK guys since people fighting over finn x flame princess fans vs. finn x princess bubblegum,People are arguing who is the best and who's not.which mean arguements lead to fighting and fighting is an immature thing to do.

    so lets analyze some 4 people who have been seen in the preview (finn,jake,PB and FP).trust me i keep watching all romance episode involving PB and FP

    ok lets start with princess bubblegum

    Princess Bubblegum

    Ok we know that PB is jealous and feel sorry.BUT, she is not playing with finn emotion remember the LONG Preview?? she said "I thought i would be ready for this" which mean she put the candy kingdom first than her feeling for finn.

    OK lets put it this way: if you Love someone else but he doesnt know it since you didnt show …

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  • Meganunan

    In AT chat.... TROLLERS,SPAMMER and CURSING PERSON are attacking AT wikia...

    YEAH we GOT MODS but we need ACTIVE MODS... who online everyday

    ADMINS are FINE but they need to be aware about the situation.BUT i think they have a reason why do they dont help i dont blame them its just that TROLLERS always in GOODTIMING when and what time do they TROLL


    Thanks again to all of my friends from Regular Show Wikia

    • ShanelySparkles
    • Robotman12
    • ColorMeCrazy

    you really save the day even though we cant do nothing about it

    BIG QUESTION IS .........


    we really really need ACTIVE MODS in especially NIGHT TIME ( Philippine Time Zone ) nihi,Blugo,Kulit,Micheal Connors,Botista a…

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  • Meganunan

    July 20 2012 8:10pm my cousin's cat died.her name is misato the siamese cat.she died in giving birth.i post this as a respect and i hoped i dont break any rules?...

    CAUSE OF DEATH: she cant give birth anymore

    and her babies is still in the womb

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