OK guys since people fighting over finn x flame princess fans vs. finn x princess bubblegum,People are arguing who is the best and who's not.which mean arguements lead to fighting and fighting is an immature thing to do.

so lets analyze some 4 people who have been seen in the preview (finn,jake,PB and FP).trust me i keep watching all romance episode involving PB and FP

ok lets start with princess bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum

Ok we know that PB is jealous and feel sorry.BUT, she is not playing with finn emotion remember the LONG Preview?? she said "I thought i would be ready for this" which mean she put the candy kingdom first than her feeling for finn.

OK lets put it this way: if you Love someone else but he doesnt know it since you didnt show it but he keep trying to win youre heart but you got duty as a princess so you put the kingdom first but when youre ready,he find someone else so you feel jealous.what will you do to win his heart again?

My point is: PB is hiding her emotion for finn but she must show it so that finn will not lose hope for PB.

...OK Lets move on...

Flame Princess

We know FP she is hot LITTERARY, but she have low anger-management BUT, when she met finn it feels like they already know. remember guys hot to the touch?? she said "you said you like me and make my flame go brighter ......" ok lets stop means that FP already trust finn when its their first time they met.

OK lets put it this way: you been trapped in a giant lamp for years so you feel mad about LIFE.Then you met someone and put you on a blind date will you anger go first or love in first sight??

My point is:Flame Princess is innocent, she is curios what is the outside world is and what is love...

lets move on


why did jake involve in this, becuz jake introduced flame princess to finn.(even though jake failed as seen in incenduim) witout jake we will never met flame princess in the first place.BUT, jake did something wrong in long preview 2.he made PB more jealous and get mad .I dont blame him but why did jake become rude to princess bubblegum? is he protecting the relationship between flame princess and finn? or something else?

My point is : jake is like a bridge and finn and flame princess meet at the middle , but being rude to a lady is harsh.

and finally lets go to finn side.


finn is the one that flame princess and princess bubblegum have been fighting for.we know finn right? since from Animation to season 4.He really love princess bubblegum BUT finn didnt feel princess bubblegum finn become emotional at incenduim then... flame princess arrive.finn met flame princess with a slap without knowing why. But finn dont care all he cares about flame princess so he follow flame they become friends and hugged each other.Then flame princess return and realize that finn isnt water elemental or she finally found true love.BUT what about finn feelings for princess bubblegum? does it will go away easily?? or their relationship will become stronger?

Lets put it this way: lets make it short... which will you choose? a girl that you know all about her since the day you first met? or the girl that you just met and you think that you know each other already...

My point is : Finn must choose one so that the other one will not get hurt . but he must do it the nice way. REMEMBER if finn choose both,then he lose both.

The whole point of this blog:

  • i make this blog so that people somehow understand the true meaning of love
  • We know theres a quarrel between team bubblegum and team flame princess.So i need them to understand what will be the situation of each other
  • arguements leads to fighting and fighting is an immature actions
  • I did this cuz im a big fan of FLAME PRINCESS but in this situation im on PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM

SORRY IF I DIDNT EXPLAIN IT VERY WELL .... i got MENTAL BLOCK but in chat i explain it very well..

leave a comment for your suggestion ^_^

Abraham I'M NOT AFRAID! Death 23:27, July 29, 2012 (UTC)