July 20 2012 8:10pm my cousin's cat died.her name is misato the siamese cat.she died in giving birth.i post this as a respect and i hoped i dont break any rules?...

CAUSE OF DEATH: she cant give birth anymore

and her babies is still in the womb

  • This is misato yesterday she is weak and sick
  • T_T she died 8:10 pm cause of death: she cant give birth anymore
  • her eyes is all white and dont breathe anymore
  • her owners last petting
  • Were covering misato with a white blanket
  • I give her a ROCK sign
  • Its too bad she got a shoe box as a coffin
  • Hoped she fit perfectly
  • Last look to Misato
  • The black cat is JULIO misato youngest son visit his mom funeral
  • the necklace of misato was given to JULIO as a memory
  • I hoped that we get a decent burial for misato

I post this not to break any rules.I post this as a RESPECT and for all the Pet lover's there.I hoped you love your pets.

Please play this as a respect05:39

Please play this as a respect

And for my cousins CAT04:43

And for my cousins CAT