Listen bro/girl me and FionatheGirl23 are having a fanfiction about FINN MARCELINE JAKE BMO LADY and PB visited the land of aaa. i was supposed to be in FINNVASION event but theres a lack of time. So we decided that we will post our work HERE.

So im calling all the artis i know (the auditor,marceline12,MCcomics and all the people who like to draw) and people who like to put their work in computer ( like blaughum,the auditor,flame prince finn or any people who like to draw on computer) PLEASE help us.

heres the problem we cant $$$$ you but can you take the risk in for the people here and in frederator studio?? ... So i need you to be in the bro/girl army . details,sneak peak,guidelines and people who wants to joins i will make another blog this FRIDAY.

If we dont get much help.its ok , we will post our unfinished work here just for AT wikia.......

we are counting on YOU *brofist*