Hey guys, yup its me the one and only MEGANUNAN.yesterday june 17 was the most happiest moment in my life.Why? after all the hatred on my old blog post, someone is still care for me even though i became a jerk in your eyes.

The chat is boring, they still talking about MLP and such things.when Meispeebles was invited me to be an Uncle i was pleased be her offer and accept it. Then i be more appreciated when Nihi and Shane offers me to be brother instead. so i was happy to have an internet family in this wikia.
In fact thats not all that happened to me yesterday. Nihi and Shane gets a Cyber Wedding and held in the nightosphere (its the chatroom) then who ever attended the cyber wedding is filled with joy. and every one wanted to be a part of a family too.

I was so happy that i promise to then that ill draw the newly wed couple and the family (and me of course) so after i log out of this wikia i started the drawing. its was a pain in the neck and butt and took me 5 hours to finish it. but it was worth it, Im sorry my Cyber Mom and Dad for not drawing their avatar theres a reason for that because i have limited coloring material and trust me i cant do it ,its complicated. and draw my Cyber Sister Meis Peebles and Princess gumball even though Princess Gumball wasnt there but still part of the Family. Im sorry for the people who i didnt include in my drawing cuz i said to give some of their photos anime or in real life but they did not give me some.

Wedding photo

The Whole Family even the family half cat half hawk

Here are the list who is in that drawing:
* Groom - Nihi (my Cyber Dad)
*Bride - Shane (my Cyber Mom)
*Storm-O - the family hawk/cat ( i dont remember who he/she is but put your name in the comment )
*P.B in Lab Suit - MeisPeebles (my Cyber Sister)
*13 years old P.B - Princess Gumball (my younger Cyber Sister)
*Marshall Lee - MEGANUNAN (its supposed to be angel of death but its not appropriate in the wedding)
*Tough tootin' baby - Wotter Power ( he's still playing to world hardest game LOL to that)
*Bmo - Computer Addict ( he cares for someone)
For the Groom and Bride03:46

For the Groom and Bride

For the Groom and Bride

Like i said sorry for others who didnt sumbit their photos to me. Any ways thank you MissPeebles and Nihi for offering me to be your brother and if im still an Uncle its ok just call me TITO its more awesome that way.