• Mein faggöt

    Hello, again.

    February 5, 2013 by Mein faggöt

    Yes, it's me. The one and only, the infamous, the hated, the moron, the freak, yes, that guy.


    The one that makes admins cry, the one that agrees with noone, bla bla bla ^insert super serious self-insults here^.

    Now, why am i back, exactly?

    Some unfinished drama, that never got made?

    Some random insult, that in reality is as frightening as an pissed of kitty cat?

    Actually, it's something else, and by the gods i hate saying this:

    Im sorry.

    No, it's not another weak attempt at trolling, im actually sorry. Sorry for all the drama, all the monstorous amounts of "lulz" thrown about.

    I. Am. Sorry.

    But now you are obviously thinking, "lawli, y u evn sajin dis?" Well, i am actually thinking of an re-start. An nice lawli, ever thought of that? No, becau…

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