• Mercury finn


    August 20, 2015 by Mercury finn

    made by Tony Åslund And Sofie Vikberg and Stefan `` Stisse`` Karlsson former Nilsson ..

    In the series there Finn the human and jack his dog to be Sofie and Tony and the reversal of roles So named Finn ( Fiona) ..

    Its also about Flame Prince, and (Flame Princess) and they are both wearing a red crystal .. They also called for (FP) which is the chemical symbol for amalgam (mercury) ...

    Early in the writings of flame princess she was also called for mercury princess ...

    And they also write about Princess Bubblegum called (PB) As also in the chemical name stands for Lead they are pinkish in the series ..

    I have also read somewhere that birds in and around Chernobyl in Russia were poisoned by radiactive lead. And from there got a pinkish skin color …

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