Hey you guys!

This is my first blog, so please don't make fun!

I created this blog for the sole purpose of talking about and sharing thoughts about episodes and characters of Adventure Time.

First of all, I think PB (Princess Bubblegum) May actually be evil. It's not proven, but there are some things she says in the show, and breif scenes where it makes you think. For example: In The Other tarts, she says "Thats paralizing potion, Finn. Don't touch it, it'll paralize you forever!" Then starts giggling. Isn't that just a little bit strange? And in Ricardio the Heart Guy, as she enters through a passage behind a bookcase, you she a skealiton. It seems as though it may have been a prisoner of some sort.Also she was possessed by the Lich, so it may be possible she diden't heal compleatly.

Second of all, FP (Flame Princess). There is some question as to wheather she is evil or not. She seems to want to be good though. She is dating Finn, so if she is evil he should have some positive influence on her.

Third of all Simon and Marcy, an upcoming episode in the series. I am really looking forward to this episode in particular, because I am very interested in the events of The Great Mushroom War. This episode may give clues as to what happened during that time. Also, I am very interested in Marceline and Simon's old friendship. It seems like such a beatiful and sad story. This episode is going to be hard to beat!

That all for today, guys. I'll blog again next week.