Hello there, I am Mew The Creator. I am reviewing Incendium, which is my least favorite AT episode. Keep in mind that I will not make you not like this episode. If you like this episode, fine. Just respect my opinion and I'll respect your's, alright? Well, enough stalling. Here you go.

The Actual Review and not some internet guy rambling (OK, maybe, but that's not the point)

My original reaction to Incendium was, "Huh, this looks interesting."

I was disappointed. 

I hated this episode. It seemed so pointless. I mean, a good amount of AT episodes are pointless, but at least they were fun to watch. Incendium starts off with PB showing the Dynamic Doofuses some Liquid Pyrotechnics. Finn is then hurled into mope by PB, (unintentionally, I might add) and that's pretty much the last you see of Finn for the ENTIRE EPISODE. So Jake looks for a lady for Finn, until he finds Flambo, who points him to the Fire Kingdom. Now, everything goes to crap (IMO). That part of the episode did introduce a few new characters, but is outweighed by the sheer BORING. Seriously, this DRAGGGEEEDDD on, until Jake dun goofs and makes FP butthurt. Finn is moping STILL, until the tree fort catches fire, burning stuff. Finn goes nuts, and vows to kill what started the fire. Then the fire spread to the previously mentioned Pyrotechnics, and they put out FP. Finn catches her. She becomes conscious, slaps him, and leaves. Finn tells Jake he has a crush, and the episode ends.

Done. No closure whatsoever. This was an incredibly boring episode, and for what?! A love interest? Then it gets a sequel, and then FP goes unmentioned for a long time. Dreadful. This was just dreadful. The only "exciting" part is immediately ruined, and is very anti-climactic. The episode is flat out BORING. I mean, I would expect a season finale to be more complete. To end things better, not wait 2 months for closure. This points out almost all the things I don't like in AT. It has little action (that was ruined anticlimactically), was slow paced, and worst of all, involved romance more than anything. At least the songs were incredible, the AT Staff did great on that aspect. But I just hated everything else about this episode. But I see what this episode did. It brought in a new character to develop on in the next season. And they got to that...eventually. But I like FP as a character, and the Fire Kingdom in general. This episode wasn't all bad, but it lacked what I look for in an AT episode. Which is why I hate it. 

Mew The Creator, signing off. PS: WAFFLES! 


I probably sounded like a retard. This episode just irks me, so it doesn't seem like much of a review 'cause I wrote it sloppily. Sorry about that. 

Also, to those complaining about relevance, HAHAHAHAHA, THIS IS AT WIKI.