Let's face it. The Lich Hunter is a bad game.

No, really, it is. However, I reworked the game into something that's worth playing this time. Also, if you have the original version, please do me a favor and delete it. This is the far superior version after all.

Changes made in this version:

  • Chance to pick up a mana potion is now 40% rather than a frustrating 20%
  • A catchier battle theme
  • An actual battle transition
  • Gave the fourth slot to Finn so it won't feel lonely.
  • You can now play the game in fullscreen automatically. So say good-bye to entering Alt+Enter every time you play the old version
  • Some minor graphical improvements

Download: ''

If you have any kind of problem trying to get the file or vice-versa, please leave me a message on my message wall.