I recently saw a blog post of which the poster was gathering ideas for what the fans of Adventure Time (or citizens of the Fan Kingdom :P) should be called (for instance, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans are called Bronies and Pegasisters, and Doctor Who fans are called Whovians). I noticed that not enough support was given to the post, and it ended up becoming an unofficial decision. I have been thinking for a while and I think I should try the same kind of thing, hopefully with enough feedback for an official result. If this happens, I will most likely try to run it through people at and see what they think. Once the Wiki and landofooo agree on a name, this will be the official name of Adventure Time Fandom. On that note, I present, the Idea Submission Blog Post!

This post is similar to my popular(for a while) Theories for the Season Finale Twist blog post. People can comment ideas for names of Adventure Time fandom, and as I said earlier, hopefully we will make an official decision. I'll start it off with my idea and another person's idea (I don't know who).

  • Ooomericans (My idea, since Adventure is made in America, and it has a bit of a good ring to it)
  • Ooovians (A ripoff of Doctor Who's whovians)
  • Talking Dogs (My idea, sounds good?)
  • Adventurers (Meh)
  • Corndogs (Another of my ideas. Sound good?)

Comment with more ideas! Once we have a lot of replies and ideas stop dying down, I will make an official poll.

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