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Theories for the Season Finale Twist

Moneyboog September 25, 2012 User blog:Moneyboog

I've seen people talking about what the twist in the The Lich will be. I didn't find any blogs about it, so I decided to make one. Leave comments about your theories, and I will add them to this post!

Oh, and by the way, not all of these are mine. Only the Finn's arm one and the explosion are my ideas.

  • Marceline's Betrayal.
  • Finn loses his arm, and gets a robotic one.
  • (Personally, I doubt this) FP or PB's death.
  • Lich-Possessed Rainicorn pup(s)
  • Jake's death
  • Peppermint Butler(or Gunther) is revealed to the puppetmaster behind the Lich.
  • Ice King dies
  • A new human character
  • (This doesn't even make sense, as there is a sixth season)Everybody dies.
  • The Lich is Finn's father (LOL)
  • The destruction of Finn's hats.
  • Death of Billy or Beemo.
  • The episode ends with an explosion that could have killed a main character, and we don't find out if they are alive until the first episode of Season 5.

EDIT: Turns out that the Finn's arm and Death of Billy ones were technically true, we'll have to wait until Season 5 to find out!

Comment with more theories and discuss the currently posted ones.

Gunter, why did you gunt my fries?

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