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    the land vampires

    August 24, 2012 by Mordecai AR

    Hey jake Finn Jake-who?

    Finn-you wondered as the land of vampires

    Jake-u if

    then come to a portal

    Finn-that's it

    Jake-a portal aver .. uy that nice cream

    Finn-I want

    then transported to a land

    Finn-where we

    Chico vampire on earth vampire

    Finn and jake-ahhhhhhhh

    Finn-who governs

    Chico vampire-she

    see the statue and say is marceline

    Finn-I can not believe

    Jake-ay mommy going to kill me


    then go with marceline

    Finn-hi marcy

    Marceline-or hi guys

    Finn-you do here

    Marceline-nothing rule

    Jake-here there

    Marceline-frozen food

    Jake-iced O_o

    Jake begins to eat ice cream

    Marceline-and that brings you here

    Finn-nothing here watching

    Marceline-must go

    Finn-as we go if the portal closed

    Marceline-it! this is wrong


    Marceline-because the king if you see th…

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