Hey jake Finn Jake-who?

Finn-you wondered as the land of vampires

Jake-u if

then come to a portal

Finn-that's it

Jake-a portal aver .. uy that nice cream

Finn-I want

then transported to a land

Finn-where we

Chico vampire on earth vampire

Finn and jake-ahhhhhhhh

Finn-who governs

Chico vampire-she

see the statue and say is marceline

Finn-I can not believe

Jake-ay mommy going to kill me


then go with marceline

Finn-hi marcy

Marceline-or hi guys

Finn-you do here

Marceline-nothing rule

Jake-here there

Marceline-frozen food

Jake-iced O_o

Jake begins to eat ice cream

Marceline-and that brings you here

Finn-nothing here watching

Marceline-must go

Finn-as we go if the portal closed

Marceline-it! this is wrong


Marceline-because the king if you see the bite


Marceline-oh woe is coming

Finn-hide jake

Jake-going brother



Marceline was-already


Finn-if we leave here we will bite

Jake-who? I'm too young to die

go fast

Marceline-there is only one way to open the portal

doing some Russian words


Rey-marceline who are eyos

Marceline-going guys fast

Jake Finn hesdiaskadkad

Marceline-we go

finn and jake came

Finn-ah ah ah I'm tired

Jake-I also

Finn took off his cap

Jake-brother and now so that you remove the cap

or you know for resfrescarme