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  • Mrvector3000

    adventure show

    July 14, 2011 by Mrvector3000

    what would happen if regular show mixed with adventure time think about that

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  • Mrvector3000


    July 11, 2011 by Mrvector3000

    I like the snail cause it adds a little game to find him in each episode cause he's in spots where you can easily find him or in spots you wouldn't think of

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  • Mrvector3000

    The mushroom war sounds similar to that of the great war of fallout series as in both many people died and left parts of the earth destroyed to just a crater while the cut apocalyptic world looks of that of the wasteland .

    also the mutants in "Susan Strong" look similar to the mirelurk kings mixed with humans.

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  • Mrvector3000

    The funniest event that happened is when jake got the party demons in him and went on a huge party rampage and destroyed the gnome people saving finn from captiviaty.

    my other favorite is when finn was a foot and used that catapult and hit the double headed monster in the nuts hehehehehehehe groin pain is funny.

    post your favorite funniest thing happen in ADVENTURE TIME.

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