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An Unlikely OC

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Marina's basic outline

Isn't it totes annoying how almost every flippin' OC is either a human, princess 'er vampire? Well, it is.

So here is my OC, which is a part of the Hyoomen Tribe, such as our Susan Strong.

Basic Info

  • Name: Marina
  • Age: 13-and-a-half
  • Species: Hyoomen Tribe Member
  • Primary Location: Beautopia
  • Secondary Location: Off the coast of the Gaunlet Dock


  • Skin Color: Cream and Aquamarine
  • Fin Color: Lime Green shades
  • Cloth Color: Cobalt Blue
  • Accesorries: Broken Glasses (Found in Lake Celeson / Selezon)

Personal Info

  • Personality: She is one of the more intellectually developed members of the Hyoomen Tribe, who is prone to wandering in the Land of Ooo.
  • Strengths: Above-Average Intelligence, Wisdom, etc.
  • Weaknesses: Myopia, Emotional Vulnerability, Extensive Mercy, etc.
  • Likes: Observing 'Dry People', Heavy rains and monsoons, Juicy Fruits
  • Dislikes: Sand, Eggs, Mayonnaise

I may or may not make mediums of media concerning Marina, but it's definitely not going to have something to do with:

  • Marshall Lee
  • Love interest between any of the main characters
  • Royal affiliations
  • Tragic backstory
  • "Random" traits and personalities
  • Over-powering and the such.

Just a regular, out-of-the-left-field character that may just skip along the Land of Ooo and not leave any traces for future occurences concerning anything she might have done.


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