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    I wanna see all of you guys comment why do you like Adventure Time. Firstly-Adventure Time is just an awesome cartoon...It changed my boring days having nothing to watch on TV. Second-Adventure Time is not all about adventures,it is also about character's bacstories,developpements,and even romance(what I like the most). Third and last-Adventure Time makes me become better person in real life. So,why do you like Adventure Time ? Comment nao :3

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  • Nameless Shadow

    A.Who will end up with Finn in the end ? 1.Marceline(no way ???) 2.Princess Bubblegum(love this one,but abit doubt about this) 3.Flame Princess(High chance) 4.SOMEONE ELSE ?(Very trust this one) B.How will Adventure Time ends ? 1.Finn dies(O_O don't want this to happens) 2.Finn become a great,famous hero,married with someone(Yeah) 3.Finn keep adventuring with Jake 4.Finn adventures alone,(Jake might be busy taking care of his kids or Sth else) 5.All of Ooo destroyed because Flame Princess's Elemental Matrix exposed to romance,again. 6.(This is a stupid idea don't wanna write this out) C.What gonna happen to the Lich ? 1.Total destroyed. 2.In that snail form,again... 3.Take over Ooo 4.Captured. D.What will Ignition Point be like(Self-note.I…

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